Matty-O and Scrads are the identical twins behind Twinstrumental who were put here to make music FOR YOU! Instrumental and full-band covers of all genres are being cooked up 24/7 in the lab!

Katie Bilz handles the video editing and you can contact her here if you like what you see and want some video editing of your own done!

The twins would like to thank you for visiting their site and say a few things::

Thank you very much for visiting our page and it is our goal to entertain YOU! You are the reason we continue to strive for the best entertainment possible and for that, you rock. Please see the links on the page to visit our this and our that and we'd love to hear from you!

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Our Music

We have released various albums as the band Brookfield and you can check us out on iTunes by clicking the link below! Our albums include '...maybe this time', 'Self-Titled' and 'For Your Extended Pleasures'.

Click here to visit our Spotify Page or see our handy little playlist thingie below!

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Your support keeps the music going, the lights on, and us together!